Logo: We are a pretty simple bunch, so we kept things simple. No flourishes, no attitude. Just a wordmark. Enough said.



Colour + one: A black and white colour palette to draw on the idea of ebb and flow. The yin to the yang.

Yellow, the mustard type, is used sparingly as a reminder that we are a force for good. We are a happy bunch that encourages a friendly, relaxed environment that should always involve laughter along the way.



Icon: The plus sign. An icon inspired by the idea of a fundamental equation. You + Us = Cool shit! Or to sound more professional, = Success. And success is the sum of collaboration.



Typography: Our type choice, Achille II. It’s friendly, easy to read, and easy to work with, just like us. While we did not design the font, we thought the slight quirk was a perfect fit. So thank you Black Foundry, you have made some designers very happy.



Voice: Our tone of voice comes from who we are — real, everyday people who happen to know a thing or two about branding and design.

Our voice comes from our beliefs:
1. Always be transparent.
2. Put your clients first.
3. Create amazing work that makes human connections.
4. Laugh and enjoy the process.



Tagline: Our tagline is short and powerful because we know nothing speaks louder than a unique, unified brand. And we build those. We formulate brands that speak volumes. Brands that resonate and connect deeply with your clients, making you stand out amongst the competition. We succeed by making human connections, one brand at a time.