It’s all about the process.

Ebb + Flow Creative creates visions that are rich and consistent across all design platforms with life’s two simple states.

It’s all about the process.


Ebb + Flow Creative assembles an innovative team tailored to your specific project. One based on a collaborative process that engages and weaves together a variety of perspectives to ensure we arrive at a vision that is compelling and fluid, helping your organization reach its greatest potential.


Listen. And listen more.

Creating a vision that is unique to you and your future aspirations requires deep listening and empathy. We will listen closely to understand the whole story to ensure that our creative work will resonate and connect deeply with your clients. It’s all about the human connection.


Begin anywhere. Keep moving.

Ebb: Investigating and researching, your audience, your members, and your community to establish an arsenal that will allow us to articulate a vision for years to come. One that will build a following, relationships, and a community that will nurture your organization.


Find your flow.

Flow: It’s about the vision and applying that vision in a rich and consistent manner across all design platforms. On time. On budget. And in collaboration with your organization.