Meet you at the Junction.

We are excited to announce that we have a new home base! The Platform @ the Junction is a new co-working space in Guelph that is almost as cool as we are. We always like to see people, so stop by to check it out and say hello.


It’s a collaborative process.

In a world where we can’t do everything on our own and collaboration is essential, we searched high and low for people just like us. Luckily enough, we found a few. Whether you need a designer or a team of experienced people, our team is here to help and tailor to your individual needs. This process saves you money, and this makes both you and us happy.


Janet Straker, RGD
Principal + Creative Director

Professional graphic designer and storyteller with a passion for life and design. Janet has over 20 years of experience, and her conceptual skills and design strategies have helped successfully renovate businesses, products, and experiences. Her ambitions are not just about creating unique brands and campaigns; they are about making the human connection. They are about being committed to providing excellent service and building strong and lasting relationships with clients.



Janice Van Eck, RGD
Art director + Designer

Janice is a registered graphic designer with a broad range of experience to solve design problems with tailored, intuitive, and thoughtful solutions. She specializes in editorial, corporate, and web design, with a particular affinity for distilling concepts, information structure, and visual storytelling. Janice enjoys collaborating with other designers, photographers, editors, and corporate clients. She also appreciates fine typography and a well-composed image.



Ron Bernard
Art Director + Designer

Ron, a self-described socially functioning introvert, fuelled by strong coffee and a need to do good work, can typically be found trying to improve the world one design project at a time. 

Ron believes authenticity is the foundation of connection and that building lasting relationships with customers depends on this foundation. Translating client objectives into visual communications that elicit the right emotional response has been his never-ending passion.



Barking Dog Studios Inc.
Website Design + Development

Founded in 1996 in downtown Guelph, ON, Barking Dog Studios Inc. merges design and technology to create engaging, accessible, and extremely usable websites with robust content management capabilities. Our talented team offers a full range of services, including project management, identity design and development, and website design, front-end development, programming, and testing.

Over the past 22 years, we've delivered 1000+ projects to many happy customers, with each having a design and vision that uniquely matches the client's character. Our solutions help our clients effectively do business online by providing their users with relevant and rewarding experiences.